Mario Kart Society

Where: University of Essex

Essex University’s Mario Kart Society “is based on the Mario Kart Double Dash game. There’s a Double Dash league and knockout tournaments”, as well as social events and volunteering, says their website. These include “a huge amount of dress up and a variety of different themes, such as a Mario v Luigi themed night.”


Pokemon Society

Where : Anglia Ruskin University

It started 6 years ago and it has remained, throughout the years, a bastion for pokemon fans all around. They host tournaments, quizzes, giveaways and meet every Friday Night.


Quidditch club

Where : University of Portsmouth

Actual quidditch. In this actual world. What are you waiting for? Go play!


Paintball x Lasertag

Where: University of Derby

Inclusive and fun, the team caters to every skill level and describe themselves as an “established society” that wants to “bring fun at affordable prices”.


Glee Society

Where: University of Derby

Derby has some really interesting societies! This one is all about is all about “coming together to sing and have fun as a group of friends”. And you don’t need any singing experience to join it!



Where : Nottingham Trent University

They are the Nottingham Trent Student Unions Wargaming And Role-playing, Larping, Other games and Collectable card games Society (NTSU WARLOCS)! And they do role play, board games, card games, among others. If that sounds like a great time, you should consider joining them


Viking Society

Where: Plymouth University

Their main purpose is to educate people about Viking culture. Their main activities consist of traditional Viking games, walks cladded in full Viking kit and even the teaching of traditional brewing methods for mead with a little bit of fun on the side.


Wanderlust Society

Where : Brunel University

This group aims to get fellow wanderlusters together and make the whole process of travelling easier and cheaper. For this year they’re planning a trip to Berlin and next year… Who knows?


Poker Society

Where : University of Greenwich

There’s nothing wrong with just a little gme right? The Poker society exists primarily to teach people about the game. They also host weekly tournaments where you can play for a shot at the rankings.


Assassins Guild Society

Where : University of Huddersfield

This society plays a real life (mock obviously) version of Assassins Creed, where you’re give a target and you have to eliminate it. The last player left alive out of all the Assassins is the winner.